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Finance and Performance

Our services are adapted for all the key stages of the life of an investment and the one of a company

Our services - Corporate finance

Economic and financial feasibility study

The objective here is to demonstrate the economic and financial interest of the project. Through this study you will be able to appreciate the financial potential of the project as well as the risks and key issues. This step is necessary for the calibration of the project and its legal, contractual and financial structuring.

Review and analysis of the financial implications of contracts and under contract

The contractual structure must allow a solid mitigation of risks and be bankable. The financial implications must be simulated and evaluated in order to optimize the risk / return ratio.

Structuring and financial modeling

The objective here is to structure the financing and define the investment and financing realization schemes in coherence with the constraints of the project, the investors, the stakeholders and the environment. The financial structure must enable the project to be carried out properly, to allow its financial viability, and to enable the expected return on investment by each profile of financiers.


Financial diagnosis

We help you to control the financial situation of the company, the determinants and springs of its viability and profitability. This control is essential in the beginning of any process leading to a change in the financial data of the company; as well as in the major evolution phases. It is the basis of all projections and financial planning.

Budget Template and Budget Tracking Dashboards

For companies, we create dynamic budget models that integrate the key aspects and parameters of operations and link them to the company's financial performance. This approach allows for a relevant fiscal monitoring exercise to isolate and evaluate the impact of budget variances on the financial performance of the company. Relevant indicators can be grouped into dashboards, providing companies with a powerful tool for monitoring.

 Searching for financing

The main objective here is the preservation of the project promoters interests and securing the necessary financing.

We assist you in the identification and selection of institutions and funders, the development of tools, the negotiation of terms for the intervention of the financiers and the financial modeling of the proposed options

 Economic and financial due diligence

We offer to financial institutions audit and review services Business plan, financial projections and financial models. Our know - how in the development and the realization of tools of financing search brings a significant comfort in the process of evaluation of the projects and investment.


Restructuration and financial planning

Companies are subject to significant internal changes and their environment require constant adaptation. We assist companies in financial restructuring and financial planning allowing them to get a stable adaptability

Business and asset valuation

We bring you a relevant apprehension / estimate of corporate and asset values, giving you powerful leverage inter alia, in your sale, merger, acquisition and asset optimization transactions.

Assistance in negotiations

We assist our clients in the various negotiations having a significant financial impact for the company or the shareholders (technical-financial partnership, franchising, offtaking etc.). We conduct trading discussions and processes on behalf of clients and provide relevant decision-making elements.