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Project Management

Génie civil et grands projets

Micro projets

Context, Vision and Stakes

Africa for its development and growth needs to be succesfull in the realization of its projects.

Whether they are initiated by Nationals or Foreign Investors, by the public or private sector, or by natural or legal persons, they require rigor, methodology, monitoring and evaluation, throughout their cycle.

Assistance, Support, Representation, intermediation and expertise have become necessary due to economic, legal and fiscal reasons related to socio-cultural specificities of the business environment of the area.

Environmental factors, risks, costs, quality, deadlines, supplies, authorizations and documentation make it necessary to optimize the chances of success of the project, both in terms of micro projects and major projects.

JMJ AFRICA, through its Project department is committed the provid assistance and support to foreign and domestic investors; to contribute significantly to the success of the projects by means of its intermediation, by its expertise and knowledge of the business environment, the mastery of key success factors and parameters.

At JMJ, we have adapted our organization according to our vision; We strongly believe in:

  • Major Projects related to Infrastructures, Energy, Industries, Telecommunications and New Information and Communication Technologies due to their respective impacts on economic development, Industrial and Economic Growth of African Countries;


  •  Micro Projects because of their ability to encourage entrepreneurship and the emergence of a new middle class, dynamic and diverse, and their contribution to community development, socio-economic, poverty reduction as well in urban and rural areas.


Thank you for trusting us for the success of your projects