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Legal and Debts Recovery


JMJ AFRICA through its LEGAL AND DEBTS RECOVERY department is focused mainly on companies, Projects / Investments, and Heritage.

- For companies, we intervene on the issues of legal risk management, legal management, legal security, legal monitoring and securing investments and assets.

- For projects and investments, through the stages of initiation, design, project, realization / construction or effective exploitation, we take care of your interests by securing them proactively and anticipatively, we will use engineering techniques legal and financial optimization, to reduce your risks and financial exposures, we also allow you to benefit from tax and customs exemptions and incentives in connection with your investments, as well as obtaining authorizations, permits and licenses relating to your activity.

For your assets, whether assets or liabilities, we advise or assist you in structuring the management, the legal security of your assets, and anticipate issues of security and legal optimization transmission.

We intervene in all phases of the life cycle of your company or project: Creation, Growth, Difficulties or Liquidation. Our forms of intervention oscillate around representation, intermediation, assistance, advice and training.

We also work as an outsourced Legal department or department for companies beyond consulting and assistance missions. In training, we strive to strengthen your operational capacities and those of your teams.


Mastering the recovery of receivables and the management of unpaid debts is necessary for the survival, the performance of any company, the recovery makes it possible to boost the result of the companies, and the banking establishments through the resumption of the provisions and the subsequent reduction of the rate of vulnerability, it transforms the losses into income and releases the funds for new credits. It also helps educate customers about the culture and discipline of repayment.

  • For any company, the recovery of receivables is an indisputable lever that makes it possible to mitigate the problems of cash tension, while allowing to increase the capacity of investment in a dynamics of performance and durability of the companies.

    • For banks, guarantor of savings deposits, effective recovery of receivables is an indicator of performance, good management and assessment of the risks associated with maintaining their survival, in the dynamics of a harmonious relationship between regulators. , shareholders, employees and investors. The reduction of losses and negative repercussions resulting from unclaimed receivables affects the performance of any company, hence the interest of optimizing recovery in order to boost the performance of companies and the economy of African countries.
      JMJ Africa through its receivables collection and wealth management business is very active in the banking sector in Africa, and accompanies the performance of credit institutions, micro finance and businesses.

      In different countries where JMJ AFRICA is located, we work in operational synergy with the public administration, the private sector, NGOs, Notaries, Bailiffs, Lawyers and police officers.